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I. Definitions
· Electric wires and cables are wire products that can be used for transmission of power and information and realize conversion of electromagnetic energy.
· Electric wire: products with only metallic conductors and insulated wires with insulation layers on the conductors with light protection (such as cotton woven layers, glass fiber woven layer, plastic and rubber), simple structure, small external diameters and relatively low voltage and current are usually called electric wires.
· Electric cable: products with both conductors and insulation layers, and sometimes with tight internal protection layer that prevent moisture intrusion or external protection layers with large mechanical strength, complicated structure and large sectional areas are called electric cables.
II. Basic components
· Electric wires and cable are made of conductors, insulation layers, shields, insulation core wires, and protective layers. Electric wires and cables are a collection of some or all of the components above depending on different needs.
III. Main usage
· Power supply, power distribution and transmission, coiling of electric machines, appliances and electrical instruments to realize the conversion of electromagnetic energy, measuring of electric parameters and physical meters, transmission of signals, information and control, use for TV with common antenna or cable TV systems, use as the supply lines of the transmission and receiving antenna of radio station or connecting wires of all kinds of radio frequency communications and testing equipment.
The model number of electric wires is made up of eight parts:
1. Codes for usage-no marking: power cable; k: control cable; p: signal cable;
2. Codes for insulation - z: oiled paper; x: rubber; v: PVC; yj: cross-linked polyethylene;
3. Codes for materials of conductors-no marking: cooper; l: aluminum;
4. Codes for internal protection layer - q: lead wrappage; l: aluminum wrappage; h: rubber coating; v: PVC coating;
5. Derivative codes - d: non-draining; p: dry type insulation;
6. Codes for external protection layer
7. Codes for special products -th: humid tropics; ta: dry tropics;
8. Rated voltage - unit: kv
Questions concerning the model numbers of electrical cables
1. syv: solid core PVC RF coaxial cables
2. sywv(y): physical foaming PEcables for cable TV systems, video (radio frequency) coaxial cables (syv, sywv and syfv) applicable for closed-circuit monitoring and cable TV projects; sywv(y), sykv: special cables for cable TV and broadband networks Structure: (coaxial cables) single round oxygen free copper lines+ physical foaming PE (insulation) + (tin wire + aluminum) + PVC (PE)
3. Signal control cables (rvv:sheathed lines; rvvp: shielded wires) applicable for building talk-back, burglar alarm, fire prevention and automatic data logging rvvp: soft copper core PVC insulated and shielded cables Voltage: 300v/300v 2-24 cores Usage: instruments, apparatuses, talkback, monitoring and installation control
4. rg: physical foaming PE insulated cables for access network, used for transmission of data analog signals in hybrid fiber-coaxial (hfc)
5. kvvp: PVC sheathedbraided shielding cables Usage: signal transmission, control and measurement of household appliances, instruments, and power distribution devices
6. rvv (227iec52/53): PVC insulated soft cables Usage: household appliances, small electric tools, instruments and power lighting
7. avvr: PVC sheathed soft cables for installation
8. sbvvhya: (indoor and outdoor) data communication cable used for telephone communication and connection of wireless equipment and the wiring of adapter junction boxes for telephone wiring network
9. rv and rvp: PVC insulated cables
10. rvs and rvb: cables applicable for wiring of household appliances, small electric tools, instruments and apparatuses and power lighting
11. bv and bvr: PVC insulated cables Usage: applicable for cabling of electric instrument, equipment and power lighting
12. rib: connecting wires of sound boxes (hot wires)
13. kvv: PVC insulated control cables Usage: signal transmission, control and measurement of household appliances, instruments, and power distribution devices
14. sftp:twisted pair cables, applicable for transmission of telephone, data and information network
15. ul2464: computer connecting wires
16. vga: wires of displays
17. syv: coaxial cables, used for transmission of RF signals in wireless communications, radio, and monitoring system projects and relevant electronic equipment (including coaxial cables for universal purposes)
18. Sdfavp, sdfavvp, syfpy: coaxial cables, applicable for elevators
19. jvpv, jvpvp, jvvp: copper core PVC insulated and sheathed copper wire braided and computer controlled cables